UHP researcher helps to facilitate statewide education of lungworm disease

UHP researcher helps to facilitate statewide education of lungworm disease January 31, 2020 — Written by Marybeth Kotrodimos Rat lungworm graphic courtesy of JABSOM/UH Med Now.  Did you ever think that eating a salad made of lettuce from your very own garden might kill you? From time to time we hear about a type of […]

A First-Timer’s View of The Men’s March

October 23, 2019 — On October 3rd, the 25th annual Men’s March Against Violence took place in Downtown Honolulu. Marybeth Kotrodimos attended and shares her experiences of the march and the rally that followed.

#WeAreUHP: Dr. Pia Lorenzo’s Journey of Fitness

April 15, 2019 — UHP Geriatrician, Dr. Pia Lorenzo, spins, drops and flies through the air on her journey to fitness as an aerialist. See what she has to say about how her “secret identity” is probably adding years onto her life.

Pride, Humility, Collaboration – and Another Achievement for CSD

March 11, 2019 — The University of Hawaii Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD), has been named recipient of the Oscar and Rosetta Fish Fund Grant, an award given to provide speech therapy services to disadvantaged children aged three to five. Spearheaded by Dr. Pauline Mashima, the effort that led to CSD receiving this $60,000 grant reflects the spirit of collaboration and the respect members of this department have for each other, as well as their commitment to helping underprivileged members of our community overcome barriers to communication.

Med Student, Intern, Resident, Attending Physician – What’s the difference?

February 28, 2019 –Before being treated by our physicians, our patients are asked if they would consent to have a resident, intern or student involved in their care. Would you know how to give an informed answer to that question? Do you know the differences between a student, intern, resident, attending physician, and consulting physician?  Many of us do not.  Here’s some information to help clear up the confusion.

#WeAreUHP: Dr. Komal Soin and the Art of a Life in Balance

February 8, 2019 — Dr. Komal Soin grew up with a creative spirit; her father was an artist, her mother was into ceramics, and her whole family loved to travel. When she became a doctor, she still learned how to find that work-life balance in her creative passions and career.