UHP Makes Appearances

March 15, 2019 —

Written by Marybeth Kotrodimos

February 23 was a busy Saturday for two members of our ohana, since Kim Kaohi (Clinical Operations Specialist) and I needed to represent UHP at two different events taking place at the same time that day. Though we prefer to have at least two of us at the various conferences and conventions we cover (It’s more fun that way!) we each took an event and went solo.

Kim shared her considerable knowledge about UHP with many of the one hundred (or so) participants in attendance at our exhibit at this year’s American College of Physicians (ACP) conference at Dole Cannery. Kim said that the attendees were mostly internists, specialists, residents, and students from Oahu.  Kim also reported that the physicians in attendance were very interested in surgery at Queen’s West and in CSD.

On that same day, I had the pleasure of exhibiting for UHP at the Dr. Rosita Leong Mini-Med School on Healthy Aging at JABSOM. There were curious attendees coming up to our table and asking questions about UHP even before the event began. I honestly had a lot of fun talking with many of the nearly 200 people in attendance at this event.

It surprised me that although the people I spoke with at the Mini-Med School were connected in some way to JABSOM (as alumni, donors, etc.) many knew nothing about UHP. Though I am still fairly new to UHP, I am happy to say that I found that I was able to educate the attendees about our organization and mission.

But as always, whenever I work an event on behalf of UHP, it is I who gained knowledge about who we are and the importance of our role in our community. Each event has been an opportunity for me to connect with others working in healthcare, and to come away with a good feeling about who we are and the important work we do for our community.