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Drs. Zalud and Lew receive international acclaim for work in respective fields

by Vina Cristobal, UH Med journalist

November 17, 2015 —

Pictured: Dr. Ivica Zalud, Dept. of OB-GYN chair; Dr. Henry Lew, Dept. of Communication Sciences and Disorders.

Often times, John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM)  faculty members travel out of state – some even out of the country – to speak about their professions. Sometimes they are attendees at these medical or scientific meetings. But frequently, they are awarded for their accomplishments in their field.

Last month,  Henry Lew, MD, PhD and Chair of the Department of Communications Sciences and Disorders Henry Lew, MD, PhD and Chair of the Department of Communications Sciences and Disorders flew to Boston for a book-signing event of the text he co-wrote with Dr. David Cifu, Braddom’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Then Dr. Lew headed to Beijing to launch the Chinese translation project for the book.

Calvin Sia, MD, Pediatrics, was called to Washington DC this month to be recognized for his decades-long commitment to providing family-centered, pediatric care and for his revolutionary work leading and promoting the medical home movement across the pediatric community and beyond.

Earlier this month, Dr. Ivica Zalud, chair of the JABSOM Department of OB-GYN and Women’s Health flew to Spain for a major conference for the annual World Congress of Perinatal Medicine. One of the topics of the conference in Madrid was “Experts in Maternal and Neonatal Medicine and Key Opinion Leaders”.  Dr. Zalud is one of those world experts.

He was also inducted into the International Academy of Perinatal Medicine during a special ceremony in Madrid. Dr. Zalud was re-elected as a secretary general of the World Association of Perinatal Medicine. He will serve a 4-year term.

In addition, Dr. Zalud chaired two breakout sessions about predicting and preventing fetal death and how to perform functional evaluations of growth restricted fetus with Doppler and MRI imaging. He also hosted a plenary session about the prediction and prevention of preterm births and a lecture about the value of perinatal Doppler. Three thousand people attended the conference.

Although Dr. Zalud doesn’t like attention to be drawn to him individually (preferring to emphasize the excellence of the department’s entire faculty), he acknowledges that news about the prestige many of our faculty leaders enjoy both inside and outside of our medical school can inspire our faculty, students and MD Residents now and in the future.

Congratulations to Dr. Lew, Dr. Sia and Dr. Zalud!

Top photo: Dr. Ivica Zalud (left) is honored during a conference in Madrid.

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