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This webpage will serve as a resource for both incoming and current NAWSON students regarding their immunizations and the process of ensuring the accurate delivery of requested immunization records. Unvaccinated health professional students may not participate in required classes, rotations, or practicums where the site requires current vaccination for the safety of patients, other staff, and the public. Missing required coursework would impede the timely attainment of their degree.

Failure to submit immunization records timely may result in a delay in matriculation or starting of clinicals. *Submission in MedProctor is ONLY for UHM clearance. You are responsible for sending us your requirements for NAWSON clearance. 

Please use the following form to assist you:
List of required NAWSON immunizations – which is required for all students.

Please contact us at:

University Health Partners of Hawai’i

Nancy Atmospera-Walch School of Nursing

677 Ala Moana Blvd Ste 1001

Honolulu, Hawaii, 96813

(808) 469-4983







  1. NAWSON Immunization Forms: I-2, H-1, M-1, T-2, V-1, P-3 (Attached in “Immunization Forms”)
  2. Legible copy of a school or public health immunization record (i.e. yellow book/immunization card)
  3. Legible copy of an official health care provider’s record
  4. Legible copy of an official laboratory test to show evidence of protective serology
  5. Pharmacy documentation of immunization(s)

Failure to find records of your immunizations will require you to repeat the series of the specific immunization.

Negative, equivocal or indeterminate serology results will require re-vaccination of the series.

Please allow 7-10 business days for processing/review of immunization records. You will be sent confirmation that your records have been received and informed of any additional requirements if needed.

How do I find my immunization records?
Check with previous school, hospital or clinic records

How long does it take to process immunization requests?
 business days from the date of receipt to when the UHP immunization office will submit to the designated party.

How old can my lab results/titers be?
As long as your titer results are positive, they can be from when you last had them completed. 

What is required to submit my immunization records?
All records should have your name and an identifier (e.g. DOB). Please ensure that you check the file size of your records, if it is blurry or too small we will ask you to resend.  We will not accept screenshots of medical records without student identifying information such as name and date of birth

Note that all records should be legible and in English to ensure vaccination compliance. Records should originate from US or US territories.  If international, please contact NAWSON immunizations at NAWSONMR@ucera.org for  more information.

List of where you can find prior immunization records (be sure to submit both sides of each document):

    • Official State / Country Immunization Records
    • Prior medical records or lab records
    • Yellow Book / Immunization Cards
    • Pharmacy documentation of immunization 

How do I request my immunization records?

Please submit request from your @hawaii.edu email address to NAWSONMR@ucera.org. Records are sent encrypted with the subject line of ESECURE. You will need to create a password in order to open the document.

Please be advised that each facility may have their own unique immunizations requirements beyond what we are currently asking.

Disclaimer: Please note secure documents using ESECURE will automatically be deleted within 14 calendar days

Please contact the NAWSON Immunization office for further instructions at NAWSONMR@ucera.org. 


Current flu shots can be received with your PCP or at any public health clinic or urgent care or any outpatient pharmacy (e.g. CVS, Safeway, Times, Walmart,etc).

Influenza is not required for matriculation but is required prior to clinical placement. 

Influenza is required annually. Students should submit proof of vaccination by November 15th each year. 


TB screening is required annually. A hospital facility may require a TST (Tuberculosis Skin Test) more current within a certain time frame of 3 months.

Quantiferon GOLD or T-Spot blood test in lieu of PPD testing? Yes, the Quantiferon IGRA Gold is highly recommended with submission of test results. However, this test must be done every 364 days (same as one-step TB). If your Quantiferon or T-Spot result is positive, you will need a current chest x-ray and complete Form D.

For more information, please see IGRA facts.

If TB Screening was positive prior, will I still need to do an annual TB screening?  If your follow up chest X-ray is negative or you have completed treatment, you are only required to complete annually Form D. Depending on your answers, you may need to repeat a chest X-ray.


Please refer to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for more information: https://www.cdc.gov/tb/publications/factsheets/testing/skintesting.htm

The CDC recommends that the tuberculin skin test (TST) or the interferon release assay (IGRA) can be done before or during the same time as the vaccine administration.

However, if the live vaccine vaccination has already been administered, please defer the TST or the IGRA until at least 4 weeks after completion of said vaccination. This is due to the unknown reliability of a negative TST or IGRA result after receiving said vaccination.


If you are confirmed positive for COVID, please inform Mr. Michael Kurihara (titer@hawaii.edu) as soon as possible. 

The TST and IGRA are not expected to affect the effectiveness of the COVID vaccination

The CDC recommends that the tuberculin skin test (TST) or the interferon release assay (IGRA) can be done before or during the same time as the vaccine administration.  However, it is recommended to wait at least 4 weeks for any TST or IGRA after the COVID vaccination.


Healthcare personnel that are going to be in a setting that poses a high risk for transmission should complete the full series of vaccinations.

  • Serologies must include patient name, date of results, name and address of performing lab, and reference ranges. Screenshots and flowsheets are not acceptable documentation.
  • Some elective sites may have strict serology requirements that could preclude the student from participation.
  • If serologies are negative, non-immune/reactive or equivocal you must get re-immunized, following another serology.
    • Example: if your MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) were negative you must get 2 MMR immunizations, following a serology one month after the second shot.
    • Note: 2nd shot must be taken 28 days after first shot was taken.
  • Varicella: must get 2 varicella immunizations and serology one month after second immunization shot.
  • Hepatitis B: must repeat series of 3 (see below)
    • 2nd shot taken one month after 1st
    • 3rd shot taken 6months after 2nd
    • Serology taken 1 month after completing 3rd 
  • 2-dose Hepislav-B series may also be administered as long as you have documentation of the first 3 childhood Hepatitis B vaccinations.


Make sure to submit all repeat boosters as you receive them and keep us in the loop in order to maintain provisional clearance. Provisional clearance is ONLY granted if re-immunization is the last thing you are pending.

Initial completion of a series of immunizations followed by a negative serology. Then a completion of a 2nd set of immunizations followed by another serology that is negative.

Talk to your healthcare provider if a 3rd set of immunizations would be necessary.


We will gladly assist in completing your forms upon request. Please understand that processing and sign-off may take up to 10 business days after we have received the requirements below. 

We will need the following before we submit your forms for signature:

  • Complete demographic portion of the AAMC Standardized Immunization Form.
  • Confirm your demographic information (address, phone number, etc)
  • Quantitative Hep B Serology (ex 10 mIu/mL) or additional labs based on Hep B status (i.e. non-responder or chronic active)
  • Your immunization and serologies on file may be sufficient for AAMC submission
  • Please submit any additional required immunizations, boosters, or serology updates. 
  • For further information please review our AAMC Powerpoint

Note: Skin test or IGRA results should not expire during proposed elective rotation dates or must be updated with the receiving institution prior to rotation.

Your immunization records must be sent to the facility coordinator, depending on which facility you will be attending:

      • You or your NAWSON coordinator must submit an email request to UHP at NAWSONMR@ucera.org. Please include the name of the facility and the name and contact information of the facility coordinator.
      • UHP will not sign off on forms that require a physical or fitness for duty exam unless you complete this with your PCP first and send us the letter/record. 
      • UHP will not forward your records to any NAWSON coordinator.
      • UHP will not forward your records to Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC).
      • Each facility will have their own unique immunizations requirements beyond what NAWSON requires.

We will gladly assist in completing the immunizations portion of your form upon request from either clerkship coordinators or students.

We will need the following filled out by either the clerkship coordinator or student:

  • Page 1: 1st table, Learner Information, Emergency Contact Information, and Insurance Information
  • Date of Annual Fit Test
  • N95s Cleared to Use
  • Date of BLS Provider Expiration

Note: Skin test or IGRA results should not expire during proposed elective rotation dates or must be updated with the receiving institution prior to rotation.  

Link to: Kaiser Health and Safety Verification Form

You will need to request the specific lab order from either an MD, DO, or APRN to write you a lab order. Please make an appointment with your healthcare provider. 

Depending on your insurance it may be possible to have a repeat serology ordered at a Minute Clinic or Urgent care. It is unlikely that insurance will cover the cost.


Please email NAWSONMR@ucera.org so we may review your records on file. Provisional health clearance is only granted if re-immunization is the only thing you are in process of completing. 

This will depend on your Td/TdaP vaccination history. We will need to review your records first to determine the best route. Best practice would be to have a TdaP booster administered. Please see Form T-2 for further clarification. 


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