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UHP celebrates MA appreciation week

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UHP Medical Assistants are top-notch!

Submitted by UHP Human Resources 

October 23, 2016 — October 17-21 was National Medical Assistants Week and UHP celebrated and honored our Medical Assistants. We proudly recognize our clinical staff and thank them for everything they do to help create a professional and comforting atmosphere for patients. The service our Medical Assistants provides is invaluable to both the providers in UHP as well as our patients.

To show appreciation, we presented our Medical Assistants with cupcakes from The Girls Who Bake Next Door and personalized key chains.

Mahalo, Medical Assistants, for everything you do for UHP. Your exceptional efforts are noticed and appreciated! Below, our doctors have written notes of appreciation for their respective staff members.

Here is an inspirational quote for our clinical staff: 
“As a nurse, we have the opportunity to heal the heart, mind, soul and body of our patients, their families and ourselves. They may not remember your name but they will never forget the way you made them feel.” — Maya Angelou

Department of Internal Medicine: 

We have a very good MA team! Chelsie, Jamie, Premar and Samantha have all gone beyond expectations. I appreciate their smiling faces and professionalism. My patients generate a lot of dull paperwork tasks. I appreciate that the staff gets it all done so the patients can get the best care possible. Aloha, Dr. Evans

Our clinic MAs are really the front line of the office. I have had several patients let me know that the care and attention they received from the initial greeting has really impacted their care. One or two patients have even told me that they were not too interested in caring for their health before they met our MAs. The palpable caring, concern and professionalism let them know that their health, lives and care were important to our practice and thus made to seem even more important to the patient. I could see the difference in patient and health outcomes at the next clinic visit! Keep up the good work Chelsie, Alice, Jamie, Premar and Samantha! – Kelsey

Bravo and Big Mahalo to Chelsie, Alice, Premar, Jamie, and Sam! This team does it all.  They work lean and they work smart, always gracious and thoughtful to our patients.  Somehow, they help our providers care for as many as 50 patients a day in our compact space.  This team streamlined our phone messaging system, got many of our patients to sign up for the health portal, and is about to re-engineer our prior authorization process. They deliver friendly patient care and advance our quality.  I get very appreciative comments about our team, from patients and colleagues.  We couldn’t do all this without them! – Dr. Elizabeth Tam

Our MAs are so kind and thoughtful! They lend an ear to patients and really empathize with them.  I was describing some frustrating challenges in coordinating a patient’s care, and one of our MA’s really helped me to think about if from the patient perspective: imagine how hard it must be for the patient!  I think this helps us all be grateful for our own health, but also makes me grateful to our staff. – Dr. Elizabeth Kiefer

I appreciate everything that our MA’s do for our patients and for our clinic.  Chelsie, Alice, Jamie, Premar, and Samantha provide excellent patient care, while efficiently and skillfully handing the large volume of paperwork that our practice generates every day.  They recently made a big effort to get patients enrolled in the online health portal, which has been extremely helpful in terms of communicating with patients.  I am thankful for the respect and dignity with which they treat our patients, and the diligence that they apply to meeting our patient’s needs.  We are lucky to have such great medical assistants! – Dr. Brauer

Department of OB-GYN and Women’s Health

Thank-you to the MA’s in our POB 2 office.  Our patients depend on your compassionate and caring approach. They also rely on your timely response to their questions and needs.  The physicians appreciate all of your contributions to the well-being of our patients.  We also appreciate your attentive response to our numerous requests and your ability to anticipate our needs. Thank-you for your hard work, your diligent attention to detail, and your always pleasant demeanor and disposition. Mahalo. – Dr. Terada

The Family Planning Division would like to sincerely thank our medical assistants.  We know that it is challenging to provide office-based procedural services in a busy setting.  We also know that before each clinic, our medical assistants spend a great deal of time and effort preparing so that it can run smoothly for patients and for physicians.  We are grateful for the care and compassion our medical assistants show towards our patients.  They know that some of our patients are dealing with the worst crisis of their lives and it is in these challenging circumstances that our medical assistants display professionalism and kindness. Please know that you are improving the lives of women by helping to them to make decisions that are consistent with their reproductive goals and values.  The physicians of the Family Planning Division understand that we could not provide our services without you.  We are deeply grateful. – Dr. Kaneshiro

Department of Native Hawaiian Health


Just wanted to thank the best MA’s! These 2 are amazing, getting our patients in and out efficiently in our Primary Care division of Lau Ola Clinic, working as a team (laulima) to keep our workflow smooth, all with Aloha and a smile!

Malama pono,
Kauka of Lau Ola Clinic,
Department of Native Hawaiian Health

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