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Section on Coding and billing for providers. 

Detailed Presentation on 2021.  Reviewing the different aspects of using Medical Decision Making (MDM) and time to calculate the appropriate level for code set: 99202 – 99205 and 99211 – 99215, along with explaining Prolonged Service codes 99417 / G2212

2021 E&M Changes. Changes to Outpatient and how bullet points are counted.  Please click on the immediate right for a PPT briefly explaining the changes, or to the far right for a cheatsheet on coding the new 2021 office visit E&M starting Jan 1, 2021

ICD10 2021 Updates by Darcie  (Coding Manager) and Genie (OBG Billing Manager)

Telehealth Coding during COVID19, as of September 1st, 2020

Please note that coding and specific payor guidelines may change without notice.

The purpose of the video is to give a broad overview of how to code, document, and bill for telehealth services. As with all billings, not all codes are reimbursable. Please check with your coder or biller for more information by emailing billing@ucera.org

EPIC Resources

Information on EPIC navigation, along with tips on how to be more efficient

YouTube Playlist on EPIC Registration:

1. How to enter in Patient Demographics
2.How to set up Personal Family (P/F)
guarantor account
3. How to set up Confidential (CONF) Account
4. Quick Tip on rearranging EPIC Tool bar

Note: More videos to come, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

BILLING Resources

Useful for insurance and billing information to help shorten revenue cycle and ensure proper billing

Access links to the various insurance companies

Patient Responsibility Form

JABSOM Immunization Resources

Resources for our JABSOM and Imi Hoola students on their immunization requirements.  See also: https://uhphawaii.org/index.php/jabsom-immunizations/

Different types of TB Testing (Quantiferon vs T-Spot) that are required for JABSOM entrance and clinical rotations


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